Mission India 2014


Mission To Serve Gampala Congregations/Widows and the Orphan children – April 15 to May 2nd 2014

We are finally able to focus on a much delayed trip back to India to serve the congregations and the widows and orphans.

Since our last mission trip there has been a steady series of trials and difficulties that have beset our brethren and the orphans.  The Rupee has devalued, causing massive inflation for our brethren on top of several cyclones and floods that have ravaged the coastal rice farms.

Andrha Pradesh state where our brethren reside is in the midst of a civil upheaval, the result of  the federal government of India allowing Andrha Pradesh to split into two separate states.  In a simple nutshell the wealthier higher castes demanded to create their own state of Telangana away from the lower castes. There are threats to dam up water and literally starve millions of low caste people in the rice delta near the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

This has engendered mass civil disturbances, lack of electricity and other strikes that have sometimes paralyzed the normal routines of the Indian people living there.  As miserable and difficult as life is for most of our brethren, this Bifurcation as it is called has made life much worse.

telangana protest SaveAndrha

That has not daunted our own determination to bring the comfort, love and support so many of you have helped us provide these least of God’s people to India again.

Michael and Rienne have committed to going on this next mission trip during the Spring Holy Days this year.

Rienne plans to spend most of her time serving the Orphans at Hebron Home in Palakol, to fulfill the promise she made to them in 2012 to return and not forget them as so many tend to do.


Michael plans to spend a majority of his time with the Gampala congregations that serve the widows and the low castes in the slums of Lanka and Rajupalem.

Preaching in Rajaro Peta

Since their hasty departure in 2012, we fear that there is some embarrassment felt by our brethren over those events, and Michael’s sickness during his time with them in 2012.  They desire to heal the distance that seems to exist since that departure, and continue to encourage the brethren to hold onto the faith despite horrific trials and persecutions that are rising in the area.

Prasad’s children’s ministry has grown into the multiple hundreds and the Gampalas continue to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

Michael also plans to visit the acre of farm property that was purchased with funds donated from the Ryalls of North Carolina and assist in the plans to develop and cultivate the land. As you know the widows in Rajupalem were expelled from the House of God back in 2011 and the Gampalas have prayed and purposed to build an ashram or widow commune for ALL 29 widows in their congregations to have a place to live without being in the streets.  We are thankful for this provision by Our Father and the love of our brethren in the USA.

Often we receive the question about whether or not it is not wiser to simply send funds otherwise spent on airfare and travel expenses directly to the brethren for provision.  On the surface that may seem a more financially prudent approach. However, you cannot put a price tag or value on what loving, touching and serving the brethren means to each one of these precious people.  We hope this video can help convey some of that:

The imprint and impact of spending time with these people who are neglected, ignored or abused by their entire society is beyond placing a monetary  value.  To know they are loved by brethren on the other side of the world – gives them strength and courage to face their trials and not feel abandoned.

Those of us serving on a mission trip are merely vessels for you and your love and support.  We could not do this without your prayers and support.   It is because of you that we are able to reach out, touch and share the love of Jesus Christ with the very least of people on this earth as this world measures them.

We appreciate your prayers for this mission trip and if you would like to donate to enable  us to go and provide provisions to the brethren you can go to this link.  Please note on your donation where you would like your gift to be applied.  All support, 100% goes to your intended purpose.

Yessu Christu Naamalo Dhanyvadanamulu.

In the Name of Christ,  Thank you!


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