A Wonderful Revival in Feast of Tabernacles


To Dearest Brothers and sister in Christ,
Warmest Greetings and blessing to you all in the precious name of our Redeemer Jesus Christ who Tabernacle among us, HalleluYah…

We praise God our Father for He has blessed us through you all and has enabled us to celebrate the Feast of Sukkot… joyfully and peacefully with Brothers and sister in Christ here.

SukkotPraise1 Chitti&Prasad Men-Congregation Prasad&ChittiPraise Chittemaworship CongregationMorningService KumariSinging JohnPreaches

A Roman Catholic sister who rendered to our Faith has submitted to immersion in Christ, and add to the Congregation…Please continually pray for this new baby in Christ, so that God the Holy Spirit would guard her till death


There was much damage caused by the super cyclone on (Sunday), our Father has kept us safe in His Tabernacle Palms 27:58, as our nearest city Visakhapatnam ( Vizag) was 90% destroyed.

We cordially give thanks to Bro. Michael Deering’s Family, Pastor Robert Nakamoto & Family, and Bro. John B. Wilson’s family and who prayerfully and generously provide funds for Feast of Tabernacles to rejoice both physically and spiritually.

FeastingSagarifeasting Chitti&Estherserving

Thanking you so much, please continually pray for us, as the Harvest is plenty to reap soon before our Master Jesus Christ Comes to gather and put into His store hose. We too continually praying for you all, trusting that our father would bless you all and Hide you all in His Tabernacle till we reach home, Amen…

Your Brother


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