Urgent Prayer Request for Pastor John Gampala



Urgent Prayer Request for Pastor John Gampala from India.

I received this e-mail from Brother Chitti Babu Gampala this afternoon and the news is not what we would like to hear. John has a blood clot in his heart on top of suffering pneumonia. Please keep them all in prayer.

Dear Brothers and sister in Christ,
Greetings you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ our soon coming King…

First of all we thank you so much for sending $300 for our Brother John’s medical needs, However I am extremely so sorry to update you all on Brother John’s health issues any earlier due to failing of Internet, I was unable to send e-mails or even a mobile Message to our Dear sister Doctor Ericka.

I am sorry I cannot share his whole health problem as I am unfamiliar with medical terms to narrate what had happened to Bro. John, but this morning we shifted Brother John to the Apollo Hospital, as our sister Erika has advised and preferred us to go. So after Eco tests, the Doctor found that Brother John has blood clot in His heart, and put him in Intensive Care for an emergency care… for Treatment.

Me, and My wife Esther were unable to wipe out sister RUTH’s cries even after she had Eye surgery few weeks ago, as she left her husband John for very first time in Intensive care unit after 35 years of marital life….

We just return to home as it is now 12:20 AM here, much Tired. Please pray for Brother John for complete and quick recovery from his illness… our Fellowship In Faith Family know the Gampala family’s financial inaability to meet Brother John’s Medical expenses to repair him, and we know all of you have the same situation at this time, but prayers are very important…cards of encouragement is mostly need to sister Ruth at this time.

I will update more on brother John soon. Thanking you so much for your prayers and love. We too continually are praying for you… have good day, God bless you all.

Your Brother


2 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request for Pastor John Gampala

  1. Sir my name is lohith.i want to say to u one thing if it is wrong plz forgive me.iam going yo marry my friend named dharani.i loved her a lot she loved me also.but reciently her father was ill for that she leaved me alone i feel it is better to die with out her.so please pray for me for she will come back.i cant leave without her.so please pray for me.if my reqvest is wrong plz forgive me.

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