Mission India, April 2015 – At The House of God

An emergency Mission Trip was conducted this past April 14th- May 1st to serve the Gampala family and cement our support and fellowship with the Christian brethren at the Shalom Congregations in rural Andrha Pradesh, India.

In January, Pastor John Gampala suffered a major heart attack and languished in a government-funded hospital for almost a week without proper care. Funds from Fellowship In Faith Ministries were sent to Chitti Gampala to take Brother John to a private hospital where his diagnosis of a major heart attack was confirmed with echocardiogram results that showed his left ventricle’s heart muscle had died with two blockages leading into the heart.  The doctors wanted to perform an angiogram but did not think John would survive the procedure and as a result the Gampala family decided to place John’s life into Our Farther’s Hands in prayer and they took him home to rest on God’s mercies.

Fellowship In Faith was moved by The Spirit and decided to send Michael Deering to visit India much sooner than they had planned out of love and desire to comfort the Gampala family and congregations.  From April 15th, Michael’s mission focus was to assist with Pastor John Gampala’s heart attack care by taking him to a cardiologist and obtain oxygen for him so he can breathe (his heart is no longer pumping blood adequately to his body) and to comfort the widows who have lost a sister recently, with encouragement for the congregations that have endured many trials of late.

During the visit, the congregation was served with wonderful Gospel messages and prayer was offered every single day for the blessing of the brethren and for hearings and provisions needed.

A day was spent serving the precious widows with a worship service and followed with the monthly food distribution and a surprise luncheon with gifts of new plates and water cups for each of the widows.

On Sabbath April 25th, we laid a cornerstone in the field Peter and Nancy Ryall have donated for the purpose of building a home for all 40 widows on the property.  We poured oil on the bricks as Jacob did in Genesis and it was followed with congregational prayer for The Lord to provide what is needed to build the Ashram for all 40 widows.

It was a tremendous blessing of time with a family relationship that has grown over the years. We are blessed to know how wonderful it is to share the love of brethren from the USA who send support and provision for the care of the congregations.  Michael served as a wonderful vessel for everyone and lifted up the whole congregation and the Gampala family after many hard months of trials.


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