Hot Shavout/Pentecost Celebrations At The House Of God

Letter from Chitti Babu Gampala about their Pentecost celebrations and the meal all of you were able to provide for the entire congregation.
Shalom to dearest Family of YESHUA Ha MessiYah our soon coming King!!!
I am glad to let you all know that we had a peaceful, and Blessed Feast of Shavuot – Feast of Pentecost celebration with our Brothers and sisters here. Sorry to say there were some Brothers and sister that could not attend due to much HOT weather, although we rejoiced in spiritual food as well Physical food.
A Young man has rendered to our Faith and immersed into YESHUA, and added to the congregation. Please do pray for Him so that our Abba the Ruach Ha kodesh would stregthen him to stand firm in Truth until our MessiYah comes, amen.
Sorry my updates are late due to much busy in these days. After summer vacation the schools are now re-opened. My children Johnson, and Dina are travelling to School by buses, so I have to drive them up to G. Mamimdada on motorbike at different times in a day, and bring them to home at every Evening. Please do pray for safe travel for Children, and pray that our Abba YHWH would give them much strength and knowledge too.
Amma RUTH Gampala had many medical Tests performed at Hospital yesterday. Her Doctor diagnosis and proscribed medicines 30 days for what he say is arthritis. She need your prayers for healing and complete recovery soon.
Amma Ruth is the matriarch of the entire congregation and is a living epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman as she is up before dawn each day to provide for the entire Gampala family and also to minister to all the widows in the congregation, and she is the last to sleep each night sometimes as late as midnight.
Thank Anna Michael for a very beautiful Pic of our Brothers and sister from West Tennessee Congregation. Please convey my hearty Greetings of Shalom to everyone who knows me via his testimony in the congregations.
May our Abba YAHWEH Bless you and keep you in His loving hand, lead you guide you on His path, and give you great success in all you do. And may He also grant you many blessings, abundance, life, peace, and good health as you serve in our Father’s field, Amen. Shalom!
Your Brother in Yeshua,

Surviving In Difficulties, and Mission To Bihar

Gospel Chariot-.jpg

Greetings to all of our prayer partners in precious name of Yahshua

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have already come to the last month of the Biblical year, we must be now familiar with “Oh my how time flies” Phrase. Changes are happening (here in India) so fast that it seems as though it is surreal.

Here on the home front Modi’s Government announcement of demonetizing the five hundred rupees notes caught everybody off guard. Suddenly the currency which had so much value became mere paper overnight.

Talking of value the human soul is priceless. God fashioned man in his own image. Man is the crown of God’s creation. And so he has an intrinsic value. Man chose sin and be in slavery under a tyrant. But Yahweh in mercy has taken the initiative and has reconciled us to the Father through Him as the month of Abib we are going to celebrate the feast of Passover.

I have taken the theme as a burden to introduce the saviour to those around us, He taught that would be the best gift we can give to anyone. So we are planning to do outreach ministry in the North Part of India during the month of May 7th onwards. This area in the state of Bihar is majority Muslim and the risk we take is even greater to us than normal with Hindu leaders who also persecute us.  But we must do Matthew 28:19-20 and rely on our Abba for our protection to do His will.

I am sure as we lift our saviour he will draw men to himself as we realise Yahweh’s moto that we are strengthened to stretch out even in the midst of impossibility.

Dear brethren all of you know how great the task is for us to preach the gospel in the north parts of India, while the persecution going on. The kingdom of Yahweh is enlarging and will include every nation, every language, and every tribe. So we are focusing on this vision. We request you all to pray for us. Sound mind and health and also we are in great need of resources. We have to distribute gospel tracts, Hindi Bibles (instead of Telugu ones we have) and literature on True Gospel to educate the brethren in truth, so the work of our religious tracts is in progress (translation from Telugu to Hindi). Please pray for that. We are indebted for your support in the ministry.

Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work. Our communication with the Elohim is vital in this war. Let us therefore maintain this link and intercede for one another so that our enemies attempts will be foiled.

We found that many of our past believers (who used to attend the House of God) who moved to Hyderabad for the purpose of livelihood are now in a devastating position from the truth. It became a passion for us to motivate them and mold and renewal them back into the faith as they are our fruits of the harvest.

Last week I went on a gospel trip to Hyderabad visiting all our dear families and strengthening them and inviting them to come back to Rajupalem for the coming feast. Please do pray for them.

Yours’ Loving Family in Yahshua

Prasad Deering and Family

Preaching Ministry Growing


Shalom to you all dear ones in Messiah
It is heartening to meet you all through this letter after the Feast of Tabernacles, and to share with you the gladness we had with Him in His work which by your affluence, provides a voice for the voiceless.
The need to be loved & cared for is a universal truth where as to know the love of Yahweh is to be held deep inside of our hearts that love of Yahweh commands us to share the gospel when we are with the Father. Even the mundane things become joyful because the emphasis is on the example of scripture being made alive by our works which influences a person greatly.
We have begun a print media ministry as a means to write and publish many gospel literatures at this time. At the time of FOT we released a new Telugu Gospel Tract “Today’s Good New (100 Biblical Facts)”.
However, we are in neck deep in trouble as Brother Prasad has no more job, but Yahweh made everything possible for us financially. Please pray so that we can Print more copies. Let us together pass on Scriptural values and lay foundation for a solid believing among truth seekers through these gospel tracts in India.
During the FOT we conducted a One Day Children Festival of Sukkot.
The scriptural foundation gives us admonition for it says to train up children in the way they must go. The value of accountability towards them become paramount in our lives. It is plan & purpose that every Believer should be filled with the knowledge of Scriptures so we can teach children. In India – women are the role for educating children and often there is no program to help women.
This year at the FOT we released a book “Treasures in the Darkness” in Telugu language. As I informed before for the spiritual edification of sisters in assemblies. Through out India we have undertaken this great responsibility to guide them & build them through scriptures. Pray diligently that master would touch each sister of us, because I belive that they are the back bone for the Families, and be as “Kingdom Builder”. Father in his own time made possible for composing editing and printing of this book.
I praise Elohim for each one of you whom Yahweh has given to our mission as Treasured possessions and stand amazed at what Father is doing in and through us, that His name be glorified.
Anusha Prasad

Urgent Prayer Request for Pastor John Gampala



Urgent Prayer Request for Pastor John Gampala from India.

I received this e-mail from Brother Chitti Babu Gampala this afternoon and the news is not what we would like to hear. John has a blood clot in his heart on top of suffering pneumonia. Please keep them all in prayer.

Dear Brothers and sister in Christ,
Greetings you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ our soon coming King…

First of all we thank you so much for sending $300 for our Brother John’s medical needs, However I am extremely so sorry to update you all on Brother John’s health issues any earlier due to failing of Internet, I was unable to send e-mails or even a mobile Message to our Dear sister Doctor Ericka.

I am sorry I cannot share his whole health problem as I am unfamiliar with medical terms to narrate what had happened to Bro. John, but this morning we shifted Brother John to the Apollo Hospital, as our sister Erika has advised and preferred us to go. So after Eco tests, the Doctor found that Brother John has blood clot in His heart, and put him in Intensive Care for an emergency care… for Treatment.

Me, and My wife Esther were unable to wipe out sister RUTH’s cries even after she had Eye surgery few weeks ago, as she left her husband John for very first time in Intensive care unit after 35 years of marital life….

We just return to home as it is now 12:20 AM here, much Tired. Please pray for Brother John for complete and quick recovery from his illness… our Fellowship In Faith Family know the Gampala family’s financial inaability to meet Brother John’s Medical expenses to repair him, and we know all of you have the same situation at this time, but prayers are very important…cards of encouragement is mostly need to sister Ruth at this time.

I will update more on brother John soon. Thanking you so much for your prayers and love. We too continually are praying for you… have good day, God bless you all.

Your Brother


Mission India 2014


Mission To Serve Gampala Congregations/Widows and the Orphan children – April 15 to May 2nd 2014

We are finally able to focus on a much delayed trip back to India to serve the congregations and the widows and orphans.

Since our last mission trip there has been a steady series of trials and difficulties that have beset our brethren and the orphans.  The Rupee has devalued, causing massive inflation for our brethren on top of several cyclones and floods that have ravaged the coastal rice farms.

Andrha Pradesh state where our brethren reside is in the midst of a civil upheaval, the result of  the federal government of India allowing Andrha Pradesh to split into two separate states.  In a simple nutshell the wealthier higher castes demanded to create their own state of Telangana away from the lower castes. There are threats to dam up water and literally starve millions of low caste people in the rice delta near the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

This has engendered mass civil disturbances, lack of electricity and other strikes that have sometimes paralyzed the normal routines of the Indian people living there.  As miserable and difficult as life is for most of our brethren, this Bifurcation as it is called has made life much worse.

telangana protest SaveAndrha

That has not daunted our own determination to bring the comfort, love and support so many of you have helped us provide these least of God’s people to India again.

Michael and Rienne have committed to going on this next mission trip during the Spring Holy Days this year.

Rienne plans to spend most of her time serving the Orphans at Hebron Home in Palakol, to fulfill the promise she made to them in 2012 to return and not forget them as so many tend to do.


Michael plans to spend a majority of his time with the Gampala congregations that serve the widows and the low castes in the slums of Lanka and Rajupalem.

Preaching in Rajaro Peta

Since their hasty departure in 2012, we fear that there is some embarrassment felt by our brethren over those events, and Michael’s sickness during his time with them in 2012.  They desire to heal the distance that seems to exist since that departure, and continue to encourage the brethren to hold onto the faith despite horrific trials and persecutions that are rising in the area.

Prasad’s children’s ministry has grown into the multiple hundreds and the Gampalas continue to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

Michael also plans to visit the acre of farm property that was purchased with funds donated from the Ryalls of North Carolina and assist in the plans to develop and cultivate the land. As you know the widows in Rajupalem were expelled from the House of God back in 2011 and the Gampalas have prayed and purposed to build an ashram or widow commune for ALL 29 widows in their congregations to have a place to live without being in the streets.  We are thankful for this provision by Our Father and the love of our brethren in the USA.

Often we receive the question about whether or not it is not wiser to simply send funds otherwise spent on airfare and travel expenses directly to the brethren for provision.  On the surface that may seem a more financially prudent approach. However, you cannot put a price tag or value on what loving, touching and serving the brethren means to each one of these precious people.  We hope this video can help convey some of that:

The imprint and impact of spending time with these people who are neglected, ignored or abused by their entire society is beyond placing a monetary  value.  To know they are loved by brethren on the other side of the world – gives them strength and courage to face their trials and not feel abandoned.

Those of us serving on a mission trip are merely vessels for you and your love and support.  We could not do this without your prayers and support.   It is because of you that we are able to reach out, touch and share the love of Jesus Christ with the very least of people on this earth as this world measures them.

We appreciate your prayers for this mission trip and if you would like to donate to enable  us to go and provide provisions to the brethren you can go to this link.  Please note on your donation where you would like your gift to be applied.  All support, 100% goes to your intended purpose.

Yessu Christu Naamalo Dhanyvadanamulu.

In the Name of Christ,  Thank you!


Gospel Outreach

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Vandanamulu to all of my family.

Grace and Peace be with you all from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer and soon coming King.

We are all doing well, busy in the work’s work as God the Holy Spirit leads us, as it is necessary for us to Bringing the light Jesus Christ to the world… one person at one time. This way we can bring many to Father’s store house.

Glad to inform you that we had an outreach meeting in our adjacent village; people head the Gospel Message and rejoice with the songs of praise. Few Muslim and Hindu religious people were gathered to hear the Gospel of Christ. Please do pray for those people who hunger for Truth, so that God the Holy Spirit would stir them to comprehend the Truth… accept only Jesus Christ as their redeemer.

We must rejoice always, pray without ceasing in everything give thanks to our Father, for this is the will of Him for you and for me too. “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and the love which ye showed toward his name, in that ye ministered unto the saints, and still do minister.”

Please convey my hearty Greetings of thanks all the Body of Christ there. Thank you so much for your love and Intercessory prayers.  My God bless you all for his Glory.

Yours Chitti

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Update On Conflict In Andrha Pradesh, Affects On Gampala Ministry


I was blessed and fortunate to be able to meet with my son Prasad Gampala via Skype last evening.  I had not seen or spoken to him in well over 7 months, and I have not had much communication with any of the brethren in India over the last two months.  Most of that due the civil conflict that has engulfed their state.

Prasad explained in some detail the reasons why and the dire situation as it exists in Andrha Pradesh and what it means for them.  All brethren there whom we serve should be in our prayers.  This goes for those at Hebron also.

The city of Hyderabad and Telangana areas of Andrha Pradesh have petitioned to become their own state, which the Indian federal government permitted in a Bifurcation.  In India – most of Indian upper caste society lives in the cities.  Rural areas such as Rajupalem are for the low castes and poor.  Slums tend to lie around the outskirts of Indian cities and they consist of servant labor for the higher castes living there.  Untouchables are mostly relegated to the rural slums such as Lanka and Rajupalem.  The split will separate Hyderabad and wealthy areas of Andrha Pradesh from the poorer coastal rice delta.

The reasons for the split are too numerous, complicated and convoluted for us to understand. The prism of Hindu Caste is what governs everything in India – and it’s mind-bending for those of us in the USA to even contemplate the logic that goes into most arguments and conflicts in India.  Ultimately it has to do with upper castes having bargaining power with Delhi and other capitals for larger share of power in the federal government of India.  The bifurcation permits some castes with allegiance to Marxist and Maoist factions to have an unbridled hold on power.  Of primary concerns for the brethren aside from a near economic-collapse, is electricity and water.   Hyderabad controls much of the coal that supplies electricity for the state of Andrha Pradesh and they have moved to dam up and control all water supplies.

The entire coastal area of the state has been shut down and on strike for the last 70 days in protest of the civil conflict.  Buses and trains are not running.  Government and banks are also rarely open.  Most businesses are closed along with many roads.  Nothing is moving. Electricity unions went on strike in Vijayawada  and the coastal areas where the Gampalas and Hebron are located have had almost no electricity.  If there is power – it is very limited and often for very short duration.  Much of their area is often in total darkness for weeks on end.

Districts in their area have declared martial law with shoot-on-sight curfews imposed intended to try and stop the protests, but thus far that has not worked.

Of serious concern is water and the drying up of the canals that fill the rice fields in the coastal delta.  Hyderabad sits high up on a plateau, all of the water that fills the lowland rice delta of the coasts comes through their area.  Recall that water is considered a god, one of their main deities.  Since the Bifurcation, Telangana is damming up the water and plans on keeping it for itself – and in so doing, will inflict famine on the lowland coastal areas of Andrha Pradesh – which is already suffering more intense misery than it has before all this began.

With everything closed most of the time – regular life is becoming increasingly difficult for many of the brethren.  They do not know when this conflict will end, or what resolution if any will be decided.  There is real fear that without the water and power, much of coastal Andrha Pradesh will suffer untold misery, famine and death, not to mention having no voice in their national government.

Even for other more well-to-do areas like Palokollu where Hebron Home is located, this conflict is causing disruption and concern.  Sagar jalli was planning on coming to the USA for the Feast in September but cancelled due the growing tensions and also for health issues his wife is now suffering.

Prasad himself is doing well though he is by himself at this time.  His wife Anusha went back to her parent’s home in Bihar state due the conflict.  Their first child is expected sometime in January or early February.  Prasad is trying to find a way to get to Bihar on the 24th of this month for a planned Gospel mission in that state (which Muslims control).  It is normally a two-day train trip – but he is expecting to have to get out of Andrha Pradesh via several methods and get on a train to Bihar that does not run through the contested areas.  I had asked him who will safeguard his home in Rajaro Peta in his absence, and he smiled and told me that God will protect everything because he is going to do His work of preaching, and is confident the Lord will watch over his place.

He ended our conversation with an admonition that even though the days are growing dark, it is our duty to continue to preach the Gospel and said we must “do or die”.  As always – I find myself in awe and inspiration over their dedication to Our Father’s work and find myself very short in stature of faith in comparison. Blessed are the poor, for theirs indeed is the Kingdom of God.

Do keep them all in prayer.  I’ll have a more detailed update later in relation to his growing ministry.