Save Kids Youth Ministry

G. Prasad Babu and his wife Anusha serve the youth ministry in the four congregations that the Gampala family ministers.  They have a special ministry called “Save Kids” which is designed to preach to the youth lost in the darkness of Hinduism and bring them into the light of Jesus Christ.


They direct and conduct youth worship, dance, and song. Prasad also oversees and conducts Kardias Church camps for many of the street youths and orphans in Andrha Pradesh, providing an opportunity for children to enjoy a lunch, play fun games and activities while learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Ministry Update From Prasad Gampala, Rajaro Peta India

Greetings to you all in the Hallowed and highly exalted name of our heavenly Father and our Redeemer LORD JESUS CHRIST who is coming soon for His Bride the Church.

By the favor of our Redeemer Jesus Christ through all of your intercessory prayers, we are safe and keeping Busy, proclaiming the GOSPEL of our Father as He leads me. We are thanking our Father as HE has given much endurance to stand firm in TRUTH.  Please continually pray that our FATHER would protect me, and extend my Borders to reach many with His word.

I am so happy because of my tight work schedule, but I wondered whether I would be able to write this report as I have not had the time even for a day. Finally I made time and am so excited to meet you all through this letter and the feeling we still belong to the Kardias Family.  You serve my hard work according to the “Phil 4:16 ….. you sent me aid again and again when I was in need.

Here is an excerpt from the Fathers Word :

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body 2 Cor. 4:7-10”.

Sacrifice and investments are needed as we may have many obstacles to overcome. Perhaps the greatest is the enemy within and the greatest temptation may be to continue mistakes of other failed missionary efforts.

Behold the praise and prayer report about our ministry to all our supporters.

In order to grow, one needs to begin small, as little drops of water that eventually makes a great ocean.

We will find small numbers scattered throughout this praise and prayer report, even though small they are significant steps toward the gradual growth of the Church. When people get to know the Messiah they publically confess their faith and challenge their own people to follow. Would you pray that those small numbers would increase?



You are all aware of the great burden laid on my heart for the souls in Rajaraopeta.   My wife Anusha and I moved there, seeking the Father in help in every area of life.

Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory. 2 Tim 2:10.

 Here in this village our children are in action, they had their full of fun, fellowship and freedom. They are confident and have courage for truth. We are providing free tuition for them.  These children are my investment for future Salvation program in this village.  1 Thess 2:20

Heavenly Father provided accommodation to conduct prayer meetings on regular basis, to improve our believers in spiritual growth.


The ministry is progressing well in the midst of Hindu opposition and inner economic problems.

 Pray for believer “Sis. Maha Lakshmi” that she would overcome fear and intimidation and grow spiritually and confess Lord Jesus as her personal savior.

Healing for our new contacts and believers who are suffering from mental and physical problems especially “Sis. Hanna” suffering from leg pains for nearly 5 years. Please uphold her in your valuable prayers.

 Pray for new openings in this village as believers are eager to share the gospel with their own people.  We have have need of a “portable Speaker system” (Portable Mic) that we can use to share the Gospel in an open meeting format.  This will also serve us in the Children’s Ministry so that unsaved kids and Hindus could hear the Gospel through that. (Note: Speakers which you provided previously, one of them is using at Rajupalem for Cottage prayers and other prayer actives, and other one is using at Lanka Cottage prayers and other prayer actives)

Muggapeta & Golilapeta


Young people who are attending here for “Save Kids Bible School” are growing deeper in the Word. We are deeply grateful for the YEA lessons we are using to teach the Bible. Plans are being made to visit the unreached. We Praise the Father for our Save Kids Camps in remote places. Each one of us does exploits that the Lord gives opportunity in order to spread the gospel in our own area of influence. The church will accelerate and enhance its effort and involvement in missionary work. (In training our kids to become missionaries and go forth to do Matthew 28:19-20).  Through these camps we employBLAST (Brining Lost And Saved Together) and many young people commit their lives to God.  Our senior class of students at the Rajupalem Sabbath School are participating in these camps with great joy and encouraging other kids through their testimonies.


 Please pray that all these children and their families will be firm in the Lord and new areas will open for us to enlarge HIS Kingdom. Please uphold our young boys and girls of all these Bible Schools in prayer that they will choose believing life partners as opposed to Hindus that may pull them from the Faith.

We are in need of materials such as Betty Lukens Puppets and Fun items with scriptures to enhance God’s work in our Children and Youth Ministry. Look at their faces: simple, innocent and sincere but they have the potential to shake this world for Christ.

For the first time in our history of “Save Kids”, we are planning to conduct “BHC” (Basic Health Checkup) to benefit the seekers in all the villages near Rajaropeta.  Many of these people are very poor cannot provide for their medical needs.  They want reassurance about the state of their health.  As you know we committed our lives to provide for the Medical Needs of our children. “SKMA” (Save Kids Medical Aid – For HIV Positive Children) has increased Medical expenses for us, and it is difficult to meet these needs on our own. Especially for those requiring major medical intervention. Kindly consider contributions for these medical needs if you are so moved.

In the Midst of a burdened heart and trials facing our economic situation, it is better to save a single child, to enlighten a life through our works, than do nothing at all.

We adopted an HIV Positive child we call “Master Malli”


We are helping him out of our own limited expenses to care for him. We are providing Nutritious Food for him along with basic care.  Because he is suffering HIV, he requires a good steady diet to prolong his life, which he cannot provide on his own. We are limited in our own provisions, but do what we are able with the blessings God provides.

Malli1  Malli2Malli3Malli4 Malli5

Finally I beseech you to uphold my wife Anusha in your prayers. I am very sad to inform you all that in the midst of Joy in the work of our Heavenly Father, we faced yet another miscarriage the previous month.  She is suffering with pain and bleeding, and we had to spend a lot for her medical treatment.  Now we are in a broken hearted situation, even though we trust God, who can bless us abundantly more than what we lost. Doctors are advising her take rest for few days.  This week she will be moved to her native state for Medical Checkup and Rest. Please uphold Anusha in your prayers.

Thanking you so much. In His Service

Prasad Deering & Anusha Prasad




Kardias is a ministry in the USA that serves the Gampala family ministry in their endeavors to preach the Gospel in India.
Begun as a ministry of Brian and Stephanie Smith to point our hearts towards Jesus Christ, God has directed their steps to foreign mission work in Thailand and in India while additionally serving a Christian student from Burma obtain a degree here in the USA.
By the Grace of Our Father and Jesus Christ, Kardias has become a vessel and bridge where Christians in the USA can become directly involved in preaching the Gospel to a land desperate to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.


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