Our Congregations

The Gampala families serve several congregations in the East Godavari District in Andrha Pradesh.  Each small village they serve shepherds the brethren whom The Father has called to Jesus Christ.  Being a Christian in India is very difficult, and ministry for the Gampala family is a 24/7 affair.

The House of God – Rajupalem A.P.

IMAG0038 HoG

The House of God is the main congregation in the small village of Rajupalem A.P. India and is the center of the ministry of the Gampala family.  The church sits on top of Pastor John’s home and serves over 80 brethren and their families in the “kingly village” which is relegated to a slum village for the Adhi Andrha/poor and low castes.  The church was built after Hindu leaders in the village kicked the congregation out of the tiny building John and Chitti’s father  built in the early 1970sand forbid the congregation to meet there on pain of death.  A generous donation from the Scharpen Foundation enabled the new church to be constructed in 2009.  The church was opened and dedicated in March of 2010.

The Church of God – Lanka A. P.


The Church of God Lanka, is the congregation pastored by Chitti Gampala.  The church is on top of pastor Chitti’s home and serves 40 brethren and families in the slum village of Lanka near the town of G. Mamidada.

The Church of God – Rajarao Peta A.P.


The Church of God Rajarao Peta is a medium sized village just outside the city of Kakinada in Andrha Pradesh and is pastored by Prasad (Deering) Gampala Babu and his wife Anusha.  They also minister to youth and families in 3 other villages around Kakinada; at Muggapeta, Gollipapeta and back at the House of God in Rajupalem.

The Church of God – Kakinada A.P.


There are many asking for services and preaching in the port city of Kakinada.  Brethren currrently meets at various homes for porch services.  The Gospel is being preached here and many youth are coming to hear the Word of the Lord.


Continuing Growth and Expansion

We heartily follow Our Lord and Savior’s Command that we must “Go and Preach the Gospel” (Matthew 28:19-20), and we are always working to go out from beyond our villages and boundaries to reach a desperately lost people with the message of Salvation and Hope.  To do so costs us beyond our own ability to provide.  As low caste Christians, we are very, very poor and the congregations in India that are part of our spiritual family, the church often must provide sustenance for them.  We are always in need of your prayers and also any assistance you can provide to enable us to do the Great Commission.  We much welcome any love and support to help us.  You can contact Kardias Ministries for information on how to help us directly.  Their ministry ensures that 100% of all donations are sent directly to us to be used as our donors direct.  We love and appreciate our Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua, the Christ in the USA and around the world.


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