Our Pastors

Our Pastors are shepherds for a flock of babes in Christ laboring in the Fields of The Lord’s Harvest here in Andrha Pradesh, India.  Often they require acting as Generals to navigate themselves and their congregations around the battlefield of hostility that exists for them, their ministry and those in their congregations. Please keep us in your prayers for safety and strength through The Holy Spirit to do the Work of the Lord in preaching the Gospel to those lost and whom never heard of Jesus Christ.


G. John Babu

Pastor John is the eldest brother of the Gampala family and the patriarch of the Gampala Family Ministries.  His father, G. Andrew Babu began the church congregation in Rajupalem.  Their focus on preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is reaching the untouchables class with a message of hope and redemption in Jesus Christ, and from humble beginnings in a church his father built in 1969, the Church of God in A.P. India has grown under his stewardship to four congregations as his younger brother and sons Ananda and Prasad all assume the mantles of stewardship.  His daughter Kumari serves with worship and song in the congregation.

His wife Ruth, leads a women’s ministry to preach to widows and women in the Kakinada region.  She serves with devotion the women and the widows of the congregation that they take in and serve.


G. Chitti Babu

Pastor Chitti is the younger brother of John and serves as pastor in the village of Lanka congregation.  Chitti serves as an evangelist in the ministerial efforts to preach the Gospel in Andrha Pradesh.  His efforts of outreach to the larger Body of Christ in the USA led to the relationships established with the independent Churches of God in the USA.  Chitti has been able to explain the plight of Christians in India to the brethren around the world, and has organized successful mission trips that have brought many Hindus and Muslims to Christ in their area.

Chitti’s wife Esther serves the congregation and in the women’s evangelism efforts with sister Ruth.  They have two children, Johnson and Dina Grace.


G. Prasad Deering Babu

Prasad is the youngest son of Pastor John and has served as a Youth Pastor  for the congregations in Lanka and Rajupalem.
In the past two years, after his marriage to Anusha, Prasad began ‘Save Kids’ ministry – a full time effort to reach the millions of poor Hindu children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is an excellent teacher and the number of children who come to his bible studies, camps and worship – numbers over 500.  Often the children will suffer beatings from parents who oppose the teachings of Christ, but Prasad endears them all to his vibrant illustrations of the Bible and introduction of God’s Word.  Prasad now lives in the village of Rajaro Peta, and has begun a congregation there and also ministers to three other congregations in the villages of Mugapetta, Golilapeta near Kakindada, and continues to serve the youth at Rajupalem.
Through the Grace of God and a demonstration of love, Prasad adopted Missionary Michael Deering as his Spiritual dad as Mr. Deering only has 3 daughters and no one to carry on his family name.

G. Ananda Babu

Pastor Ananda is the eldest son of Pastor John


5 thoughts on “Our Pastors

  1. Shalom, n please forgive me for bothering you
    but i got this request from this fellow named
    Gampala Ananda bubu n i wished to know
    if this is the same person u have listed here
    on your website? id be pleased to know,
    Im a single born again messianic believer
    n must be careful who i am entertaining
    please be kind enough to respond, i am
    going to Yasarel for a few months,
    blessings n may Yahuwah keep u
    under the shadow of HisWings(tallit)
    u r loved n beloved!!!
    mariyah in maine/ usa

    Gampala Ananda babu

    Hi mariyah,

    I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.

    Gampala Ananda babu

    • This is the same person as listed on the site. We do not recommend sending any funds per his requests. Please contact Kardias ministries for more specific information.

      • Hello, I also have received emails and would like to support the cause. Can you please send me more information concerning Gampala Ananda babu cause. In the name of Yah.

      • I too need more specific information. After signing up on a Messianic fellowship, I got an email from Gampala Anandababu and request to help the ministry. If this is legit, I would like to help someway. However, I do not wish to fall victim.


      • Hello P.D. Our ministry functions to support the Gampala Congregations and we ensure all of our donations end up in the hands of the Gampala ministry. We send funds directly to the Gampalas via wired bank transfers that have to go through a lot of scrutiny via the Indian government. Currently they are being sent to Chitti or Prasad with proof and evidence that they are being received and used for the specific purposes our donors request funds to be spent.

        We have no avenues to send funds to Ananda.

        You are welcome to take the risk to send funds directly to Ananda – or you can send your support to our ministry and we can use the successful avenues established and get it into the hands of our brethren.

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