Serving Widows


The plight of Widows in India is horrific.  Hindu Caste and religious beliefs mandate that a widow is cursed and often widows who have no personal ability to care for themselves are cast out and discarded into the streets by sons and family, where they must beg to survive.

Indian society eschews these women and they live a life of scorn, where laws and protocols dictate that they must shave their heads, hide their faces and must endure misery to pay for their sins if they have any hope to be reincarnated into a better station in their next life.  They are permitted only one meal a day, and are forbidden sweets of any kind.
So entrenched are these beliefs, Indian society cannot change them.
The Gampala family relies on the support and good will of Christian brethren around the world to provide a single meal a day to over 30 widows.  It is sustenance only enough to keep them alive, but it is better than what the streets will offer them, and we prolong their life and give them some hope.
The Gampala family has undertaken a program to adopt widows as part of our family by the generosity of our brethren in the world.  $35 US a month affords us the ability to take in one of these widows full time as a member of our family where we provide clothing, food, and medicine as we would our own.
Please pray that our Lord would strengthen us to serve these widows as James 4:27 directs us to do.
Widows that the Gampala family has adopted.  They used to live up in the room next to the sanctuary at the House of God in Rajupalem, but the Hindu leadership has ordered them expelled.  We pray and hope that our vision of building an acceptable ashram (house) for them to live can be realized.  We currently feed, clothe and provide their medical help, but they must sleep in the shacks or streets and are not permitted to live in the House of God any longer.
Several ministries are trying to help us buy a plot of land and assisting in funding for building a permanent home for the widows in our congregation.

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