Surviving In Difficulties, and Mission To Bihar

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Greetings to all of our prayer partners in precious name of Yahshua

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have already come to the last month of the Biblical year, we must be now familiar with “Oh my how time flies” Phrase. Changes are happening (here in India) so fast that it seems as though it is surreal.

Here on the home front Modi’s Government announcement of demonetizing the five hundred rupees notes caught everybody off guard. Suddenly the currency which had so much value became mere paper overnight.

Talking of value the human soul is priceless. God fashioned man in his own image. Man is the crown of God’s creation. And so he has an intrinsic value. Man chose sin and be in slavery under a tyrant. But Yahweh in mercy has taken the initiative and has reconciled us to the Father through Him as the month of Abib we are going to celebrate the feast of Passover.

I have taken the theme as a burden to introduce the saviour to those around us, He taught that would be the best gift we can give to anyone. So we are planning to do outreach ministry in the North Part of India during the month of May 7th onwards. This area in the state of Bihar is majority Muslim and the risk we take is even greater to us than normal with Hindu leaders who also persecute us.  But we must do Matthew 28:19-20 and rely on our Abba for our protection to do His will.

I am sure as we lift our saviour he will draw men to himself as we realise Yahweh’s moto that we are strengthened to stretch out even in the midst of impossibility.

Dear brethren all of you know how great the task is for us to preach the gospel in the north parts of India, while the persecution going on. The kingdom of Yahweh is enlarging and will include every nation, every language, and every tribe. So we are focusing on this vision. We request you all to pray for us. Sound mind and health and also we are in great need of resources. We have to distribute gospel tracts, Hindi Bibles (instead of Telugu ones we have) and literature on True Gospel to educate the brethren in truth, so the work of our religious tracts is in progress (translation from Telugu to Hindi). Please pray for that. We are indebted for your support in the ministry.

Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work. Our communication with the Elohim is vital in this war. Let us therefore maintain this link and intercede for one another so that our enemies attempts will be foiled.

We found that many of our past believers (who used to attend the House of God) who moved to Hyderabad for the purpose of livelihood are now in a devastating position from the truth. It became a passion for us to motivate them and mold and renewal them back into the faith as they are our fruits of the harvest.

Last week I went on a gospel trip to Hyderabad visiting all our dear families and strengthening them and inviting them to come back to Rajupalem for the coming feast. Please do pray for them.

Yours’ Loving Family in Yahshua

Prasad Deering and Family


Preaching Ministry Growing


Shalom to you all dear ones in Messiah
It is heartening to meet you all through this letter after the Feast of Tabernacles, and to share with you the gladness we had with Him in His work which by your affluence, provides a voice for the voiceless.
The need to be loved & cared for is a universal truth where as to know the love of Yahweh is to be held deep inside of our hearts that love of Yahweh commands us to share the gospel when we are with the Father. Even the mundane things become joyful because the emphasis is on the example of scripture being made alive by our works which influences a person greatly.
We have begun a print media ministry as a means to write and publish many gospel literatures at this time. At the time of FOT we released a new Telugu Gospel Tract “Today’s Good New (100 Biblical Facts)”.
However, we are in neck deep in trouble as Brother Prasad has no more job, but Yahweh made everything possible for us financially. Please pray so that we can Print more copies. Let us together pass on Scriptural values and lay foundation for a solid believing among truth seekers through these gospel tracts in India.
During the FOT we conducted a One Day Children Festival of Sukkot.
The scriptural foundation gives us admonition for it says to train up children in the way they must go. The value of accountability towards them become paramount in our lives. It is plan & purpose that every Believer should be filled with the knowledge of Scriptures so we can teach children. In India – women are the role for educating children and often there is no program to help women.
This year at the FOT we released a book “Treasures in the Darkness” in Telugu language. As I informed before for the spiritual edification of sisters in assemblies. Through out India we have undertaken this great responsibility to guide them & build them through scriptures. Pray diligently that master would touch each sister of us, because I belive that they are the back bone for the Families, and be as “Kingdom Builder”. Father in his own time made possible for composing editing and printing of this book.
I praise Elohim for each one of you whom Yahweh has given to our mission as Treasured possessions and stand amazed at what Father is doing in and through us, that His name be glorified.
Anusha Prasad

Pray for Success of Kid’s Camp At Rajupalem

Youth Camp

Hello! Dear Family in Christ

Greetings to you all

On May 4th to 6th, 2014  we are going to conduct “Youth & Children Camp” at Rajupalem. This is my responsibility to encourage youth and Children through the word of God.

Please pray for the following intentions:

  • Praying for the speakers
  • Praying that their words will speak through the heart of the youth just like how Peter spoke to 3000 people, and when they heard the words from Peter, their hearts were cut to the heart.
  • That the speakers will speak with boldness just like how Peter and John did in the book of Acts.
  • That the speakers will be sensitive and docile to the Holy Spirit as they spoke.
  • That their hearts are teachable before Jesus.
  • That there will be great outpouring of the Holy Spirit (just like the early Christians) and many young people & Children will come to know the Lord deeper during the three days camp.
  • The openness of hearts, mind and soul among the youth who are both serving and attending the Youth Camp. That the Lord will soften the harden hearts of the youth. That the youth will be hungry and thirsty for Jesus.

Thanking you

Bro. Prasad Deering

The Kid’s camp in 2012:



Saving Kids As Nation Builders For Tomorrow


A Praise Report From Prasad Deering Gampala on his ministry efforts in March -May 2013

Greetings to you all in the Hallowed and highly exalted name of our heavenly Father and our Redeemer LORD JESUS CHRIST who is coming soon for His Bride the Church.

By the time you receive this (update), India will have its monsoon. Rain can refresh or it can ruin, when you pray for rain watch out! Be prepared for the blessings as well as the (flood) in answer to our prayers. Our precious pray partners, please read each prayer and praise points and intercede incessantly, irrespective of how miniscule or massive the point may be.

Here is the praise and prayer calendar for March – May 2013. This is to give an account of answered prayer for our growth and maturity.

Nation Builders of Tomorrow:

Children who profess to be Christians are already liberated. They need to be encouraged to realized there true potential and use their God given abilities to the maximum. In a country like India, this is the need of the hour.  From our inception SAVE KIDS always encourages these children to be the nation builders for tomorrow.

SAVE KIDS supports church planting efforts of the Mission in India. This holistic ministry endeavors to ensure that the children under our care will become mature men and women of God. Our SAVE KIDS cater to the educational, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and moral needs of the children. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and forbid them not…” we aspire that the children will be witness to God’s greatness and goodness. We want all the children to be granted equal opportunities, just like our own children so that they can reach what they dream to be they walk in as children and walk out as soldiers of the cross.


We expect our children to be Salt and Light in the society through their witness, for this purpose we started “BLAST CAMPS” (Bringing Lost And Saved Together) during this summer. Our Father has enlarged the borders of our vision. Even though we are weaker vessels. 2 Cor. 4:4- 7. Through this our power comes for service in our weakness. This power enables us to experience father immeasurably more than all we are ask or imagine. It gives us great endurance.

Praise Report:

This summer we are privileged people to travel heavy distances in bad climate conditions throughout the interior places of Andhrapradesh many children were touched through our Children Camps, we shared the Gospel with them. We traveled very long; it was a tiring journey because of bad roads and lands slides. Many children turn to God, openly confessed their faith in the Lord. Because of these camps, it is very tough to lead youngsters, but many of them committed their lives and renewed their decisions. Most of the children are of Gentile background. Where do we get this confident from? We get our confident straight from HIM and our competence also from HIM. And also praise Father all our SAVE KIDS BIBLE SCHOOL children did well in their academic exams. Some of them gained first division also. Even in their painful family situations, most of our children achieved their goals. They thank all of you for your valuable prayers.

Prayer Report:

Pray that the child seekers who attend these camps will allow Jesus Christ to have first preference in their lives. And also through these children, their parents may come to Christ. Those who heard the Gospel the first time will grow in their knowledge of God’s word.

Anusha-Teaches Hindu-Kids-at-Class Excercise-in-prayer The-Class RajaroPeta-Classroom Paying-Attention PrasadTeaching1 Prasad-Oh-Yes PrasadTeaching2 The-Class2 The-Class3 TheBoys

Our Gratitude:

Everyone is important in the eyes of God, He created everyone with a purpose and HE does things far beyond the imagination of human beings. This happened in our Ministry because of yours precious prayers. Thanking you so much for YEA Lessons which tremendously used in our Ministry. Kindly we request Christian Song CD’S and Song Books for First and second set of books which are very urgent for the hour. Through this we can impact more children for Christ. And our special thanks to all the administration of YEA department. We count on your effort in Christ.

Our Project:

We learned 2 important things during our spiritual journey. First, the fact that “Faith” Ministry is practical. And second, the need to rely on God individually and collectively. What is faith ministry? This is faith ministry that we have faith in God who provides our needs. We live in a global village in more ways that one. One country depends on another for survival and sustenance. In the same way, ministry is a global phenomenon, a faith endeavor, sustainedprimarilybyprayerandfollowedupbyfinancialsupportofyou. Weareworkers together in God’s grand agenda for the children world – to reach the unreached.

We know how difficult it is to survive in these days of financial crisis.  As economies suffer in America and the West, it is even more pronounced upon us in India, as the conditions are getting poor even to support ourselves and for ministry. We are traveling long and wide, nourishing poor children, moving to slums and  improving their living conditions, teaching them better habits outside of their Hindu traditions that enslave them to filth and destitution.

We are in need of Supporting Hands for ourselves to live and help others to live.  I am doing a little job and getting a small amount of income to survive. I decided to do computer graphic works at my Rajaraopeta home to save a huge amount of Travels to work in the city of Kakinada.

I have a request to make for prayer and provision.  I am in need of a (1) Printer (2) Scanner (3) Hot Lamination Machine.  With these tools I can do all kids computer works at our home itself and submit my work once in a week to customers, through gaining this small amount we can meet our financial needs and save our travel expenses and we can spend more time in ministry, and also to support our literature work of YEA Telugu Lessons. We are heart fully gratitude to you all.

Thanking you so much.

In His service
Prasad Deering & Anusha Prasad

Pentecost 2013 At The House of God


Dearest Brethren in Christ,

Vandanamulu from Gamapala’s and from House of God India.

We the whole Brothers and sisters in Christ here are much excited to inform you all that we had a peaceful and Joyful Feast of Pentecost celebration. Our Father does everything well, a Hindu Brother was rendered to our Faith and was Baptized in Christ on Sabbath day, and added to the Church. Please continually pray for this Brother in Christ, so that the Holy Spirit would guard him in faith to stand firm in Truth.

Special Thanks for providing funds for a very delicious food for the Feast of Pentecost. We rejoiced both spiritually and physically, we thank you all so much for sharing your blessings with us, and we pray that our Lord would bless you all to be able to provide continually until our Lord Jesus Christ comes.

Thank you so much, The salutation by the hands of me remember my  bonds,  May Lord bless you and keep you all with his peace.

Your Brother in Christ,



Musicon-Pentecost Congregation-Worship Congregation-Worship2 Congregation-Worship3 ChittiPreach BaptismMay2013 PrayerOverMeal Serving Eating Eating2 Prasadserves Chitti-greets