Hot Shavout/Pentecost Celebrations At The House Of God

Letter from Chitti Babu Gampala about their Pentecost celebrations and the meal all of you were able to provide for the entire congregation.
Shalom to dearest Family of YESHUA Ha MessiYah our soon coming King!!!
I am glad to let you all know that we had a peaceful, and Blessed Feast of Shavuot – Feast of Pentecost celebration with our Brothers and sisters here. Sorry to say there were some Brothers and sister that could not attend due to much HOT weather, although we rejoiced in spiritual food as well Physical food.
A Young man has rendered to our Faith and immersed into YESHUA, and added to the congregation. Please do pray for Him so that our Abba the Ruach Ha kodesh would stregthen him to stand firm in Truth until our MessiYah comes, amen.
Sorry my updates are late due to much busy in these days. After summer vacation the schools are now re-opened. My children Johnson, and Dina are travelling to School by buses, so I have to drive them up to G. Mamimdada on motorbike at different times in a day, and bring them to home at every Evening. Please do pray for safe travel for Children, and pray that our Abba YHWH would give them much strength and knowledge too.
Amma RUTH Gampala had many medical Tests performed at Hospital yesterday. Her Doctor diagnosis and proscribed medicines 30 days for what he say is arthritis. She need your prayers for healing and complete recovery soon.
Amma Ruth is the matriarch of the entire congregation and is a living epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman as she is up before dawn each day to provide for the entire Gampala family and also to minister to all the widows in the congregation, and she is the last to sleep each night sometimes as late as midnight.
Thank Anna Michael for a very beautiful Pic of our Brothers and sister from West Tennessee Congregation. Please convey my hearty Greetings of Shalom to everyone who knows me via his testimony in the congregations.
May our Abba YAHWEH Bless you and keep you in His loving hand, lead you guide you on His path, and give you great success in all you do. And may He also grant you many blessings, abundance, life, peace, and good health as you serve in our Father’s field, Amen. Shalom!
Your Brother in Yeshua,

Pentecost 2013 At The House of God


Dearest Brethren in Christ,

Vandanamulu from Gamapala’s and from House of God India.

We the whole Brothers and sisters in Christ here are much excited to inform you all that we had a peaceful and Joyful Feast of Pentecost celebration. Our Father does everything well, a Hindu Brother was rendered to our Faith and was Baptized in Christ on Sabbath day, and added to the Church. Please continually pray for this Brother in Christ, so that the Holy Spirit would guard him in faith to stand firm in Truth.

Special Thanks for providing funds for a very delicious food for the Feast of Pentecost. We rejoiced both spiritually and physically, we thank you all so much for sharing your blessings with us, and we pray that our Lord would bless you all to be able to provide continually until our Lord Jesus Christ comes.

Thank you so much, The salutation by the hands of me remember my  bonds,  May Lord bless you and keep you all with his peace.

Your Brother in Christ,



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